This is a series of photographs that looks into the sheer quality of complete Nothingness; a visual study of the abstract idea of 'black' as 'void'.

As we stare into the emptiness of a 2D surface, we are staring into complete darkness where there are zero details and no information.

We are looking at nothingness,

not just darkness.

The exercise of peering down into a 2D surface to find the manifestation of the metaphysical concept of 'Nothingness' reflects on the relationship we have with these concepts as higher dimensional beings.

We cannot behold or withhold absolute nothingness in the plane of existence we live in. The instant we define a spatial boundary or a thought, it becomes 'something'. However, this limitation does not exist in a plane lower than ours. For instance, a blank piece of paper is not 'Nothingness', it is a blank piece of paper. But the void of it, to the objects that would exist on the blank piece of paper, is absolute nothingness.